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We are a leader in protecting our customers from hidden credit card fees

We were delighted to welcome Journalist Lisa Larocca from NEWS12 WESTCHESTER to talk about the new law aimed at protecting consumers from hidden credit card fees

Celina Bredemann - Lisa Larocca - Marina Cardozo

Westchester County and New York state leaders plan to discuss the impacts of a new law designed to protect consumers from hidden credit card fees on Friday afternoon.

The law requires merchants in New York state to either advertise or clearly post the price of any credit card surcharges.

It aims to ensure customers are fully aware of any fees they must pay if they use their credit card rather than cash. However, it does not apply to debit cards.

Watch the video of the article by clicking on the video below

The law also prevents business owners from charging a higher fee than what they are charged by the credit card companies.

Lawmakers say the transparent pricing will help consumers make informed decisions.

Businesses in violation of the law can face up to a $500 fine.

Some are concerned about the effect this will have on smaller business owners.

News 12's Lisa Larocca is in White Plains with the latest on how the new law will impact Westchester.

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